I met Stacy and Dave at the foothills of the Boulder, Colorado Flat Irons. They both had their 2 standard golden doodles that were absolutely adorable. Their engagement session was all about their love of one another, their dogs and celebrating their upcoming wedding. 

Stacy and Dave started dating 12 years ago when they met in small town high school based in New Hampshire. She remembers their first meet being on her birthday and a rare snow they got that day, they have been together ever since. The pair moved to Denver in 2009 and Stacy graduated from the University of Denver. In 2013, both Stacy and Dave bought their first home together which led to their first golden doodle.. named Layla. She was their family Christmas present. By the next year, they couldn't resist another pup and got Lillie, their second cute golden doodle.

What haven't these two accomplished together? Stacy and Dave are both adventurous. They love spending time outdoors. Their travels around Colorado have led them to some truly beautiful places, 14'ers and more. Dave proposed to Stacy in a beautiful and intimate way in their very own backyard. Dave said he thought of a million different ways to propose, but after he had the ring in his pocket, he just could not wait to ask. 

For this loving couple of dogs, adventure and spending their lives together - c'est la vie or, it's the life. They are an extraordinary and beautiful couple.

I look forward to their upcoming wedding,