Leave Lasting Memories


“That’s what I looked like in high school,” she said to me while flipping through an old heirloom album that was kept on the mantle.  “That was me in New York City in the fifties. The winters there were horrible, but that’s where I met your aunt & uncle.”

Thumbing through pages found in my grandmother’s photos, I wondered what it was like for her to have grown up in New York, and marveled at her storytelling.  A head-shot from her beauty school days, a photo of her in her cap and gown, and another of her at prom all point to the hard work she put into furthering her education and what a sweet time it was for friends and family.  Seconds frozen in time that gave us a glimpse into who she was then and how it helped her become who she is now. Photos from her 20’s and 30’s before children, and after the fact that have given me my own background.

My mother’s wedding album, my yearbook, my sister’s baby book—these are all printed photos that hold more heritage and value to me now that I’m older than the hundreds of photos I have stored online. Although it is true that those will last forever, there is something to be said about being able to sit on the couch with loved ones, unplugged from our screens, telling stories about each other.


Your wedding, your newborn’s baby book--your family’s beginnings are all being documented and shared so we want to bring that connection into your hands, your laps and your mantles.

At Aspen & Vine Studio, we believe in the timelessness of our photos so much, that we also want to help you invest in creating beautiful custom artisan albums that you can enjoy in your family for generations to follow.  We believe in the heritage you are building and find inspiration in every story you tell just as much as we believe in our own.

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