A Guide for Parents of High School Seniors


1. Remember to breath—don't take those little moments for granted.

As a parent, you just spent 4 years taking your teenager to soccer games, choir practice, dance rehearsal, theatre performances and pushing them to be their best academically. You have helped mold who they are as people and helped foster their creativity, thirst for knowledge, and compassion for the world. They are about to take their next step into adulthood and we believe that there is no better way to usher in this next season than by taking a second to pause and be grateful for the exact moment you’re in right now. Take a second to reflect on the times you almost thought they wouldn’t make it and they did. Reflect on the moments you were able to coach them, teach them, and be their greatest cheerleader. Reflect on the moments they surprised you and be thankful that they made it! This year you can feel the shifting in season into college and reflecting in thankfulness can help move into it with a lot more grace and a little less anxiety acknowledging the journey behind as well as the one still ahead.

2. Have fun together—before you know it'll those moments will be all gone.

As your soon to be graduate stresses about grades, SAT retakes, college orientation, graduation requirements and this huge life transition about to happen, remember that they aren’t with you much longer. As they have these last few memories in high school with friends like final football games, prom and the like, create some memories of your own! Pack them a lunch like you did when they were younger! Paint your face for their next game. Have fun again! You have the chance to not only help them manage the stress by doing practical things (like making phones calls and appointments) but also bringing some light into the stressful days.

3. Capture the moment—and enjoy them forever.

Not only do we want to encourage you to invest in these memories, but we also want to give you a moment to pause with each other! Our 2 hour sessions are tailor made to let your graduate be pampered, but give you a chance to make them feel special. You can also opt into hopping in a few frames! Amidst all the craziness and nights out with friends, senior skip days and final traditions, this can be a moment for you to share with them. They will never be this age, in your home again so we believe it’s important to capture them at their best. Photography is one of the only things that will increase in value over time and we want to make it an experience for your teen.

We'd love to help make your Senior's session even sweeter. View our sessions for Seniors here.