Meet Samantha



  1. I absolutely love weddings!

  2. I’m obsessed with vintage. Give me alllllll the vintage.

  3. I’m passionate about providing beautiful and candid perspective through my photography.

  4. I’m about what’s memorable and truly inspiring.

  5. LATTES, need I say more?

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My name is Samantha (ya’ll can call me Sam) and visual storytelling is my muse...well any storytelling, really. Photography put my heart under lock and key ever since day one. I've spent years exploring the medium, building a creative perspective, and honing my skills to satisfy my perfectionist personality. I've progressed through light-and-airy photography, falling in love with authentic, vintage vibes. As an artist, I will photograph your wedding in a truly organic and romantic narrative. Let's make this day one you’ll never forget… I'll be so honored to be behind the lens to some of your greatest moments and make sure they become more than just memories, so reach out and say hello