About the Studio


The Details

We're a passionate studio team—that photographs in a fine art style for Colorado and Northern California (with experience in destination weddings). Each studio photographer may work separate or as booked and holds over five years experience in the wedding and portrait field. As a team, Aspen & Vine Studio has combined 20 years in the photography industry (along with professional designations and features, take a peek at our latest features below). We're obsessed with beautiful light at every portrait session and traveling to the most beautiful locations with our wildly in-love couples for sessions and weddings. We also photograph families, High School Seniors, and children in a fine-art style.

What’s in Our Camera Bag?

We photograph with the latest professional camera gear which includes: Canon and Sony. We use various lenses (primes and zooms) to get the perfect shot each time. We really think of our lenses as those beautiful elemental tools that give you that dreamy look at the perfect moment. We use natural light and off camera flash when working in low light settings. Mastering our lenses is an art and takes time and detailed understanding. Anyone can point and shoot, but we’ve held our professional cameras for years, and have worked with our lenses for over a decade.

Are you wanting to get into the wedding photography industry? We hold classes 2x per year (Spring and Fall) in the Denver area. These 2-hour classes are hosted on a weekend. If you’re interested in learning how to photograph couples and weddings beautifully (plus network with some talented creatives in our industry). Simply reach out for future class dates and seat availability by emailing us at studio@aspenandvine.com.

Get to know us

We are based in beautiful Denver, Colorado and we photograph all of Colorado, Northern California and destination weddings. We make photography fun with our outgoing personalities and passion for beautiful moments. We'll laugh with your children and swoon over your pup. Weddings and love stories are truly our passion. We only book a certain amount of weddings each year so we can focus on you. Because we are a physical studio, we offer sessions indoors and outdoors (outdoors on location) year round! Adventure through clicking our images (above) to learn more about who we are, and when you're ready—we would love to work with you, so say hello!