Meet Tiffany

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My guilty pleasure is window shopping through thrift stores and finding anything that glimmers and sparkles. You’ll catch me on a Saturday sipping coffee while wandering through thrift stores and antique shops. I was raised in the Sunshine State of Florida photographing on orchards and beautiful orange groves, where I also picked up my sunny personality. I have a huge passion for travel that has lead me on an adventure to photograph beautiful weddings.


Tiffany’s Portfolio


I have a background in the fine arts, and picked up my first camera in 2013 where I got my start in film photography. Along with my digital photography, I love photographing in traditional film. I'm drawn to vivid images that tell a story through journalistic traits. I learned photojournalism by being a part of my college newspaper where I spent a semester as the editor and photojournalist. After 5 years of learning on film, I have since transitioned into digital photography. I love using my knowledge in journalism and film photography to tell the timeless story of your big day—whether it be your wedding day or celebrating your new family! I would love to take you to all my favorite spots and be a part of creating new memories together, it all starts with a hello!